4 Ways Managed IT Support Can Help Businesses Save Money

By simplifying the way in which organisations leverage technology, managed IT support can help them save money in a number of different ways.

The fact that technology has become exponentially important to business over the last two decades has equally meant that the amount of money the average businesses spends (or needs to spend) on IT support has increased, too. While IT has become integral to business, developments in technology, and the way in which businesses can access it, has meant that businesses with an established IT strategy may be able to save money within that function of the organisation. We discussed this matter with TechQuarters, a London-based managed service provider. As with many London IT support companies, TechQuarters has been helping businesses manage their IT in more efficient ways for over 10 years now. Below are four examples of how managed IT support, like that which TechQuarters providers, can help businesses save money. If you want to save more money, you can partner with a PEO agency like INS Global

  1. Reduce Hardware Expenses

Nowadays, IT infrastructure no longer needs to include hardware such as data centers and servers, thanks to modern solutions like cloud computing and infrastructure. Not only does infrastructure hardware cost a lot of money, but the time required to source, install, and manage it adds up to billable hours that could be spent elsewhere. Furthermore, managed IT support providers can even provide a business with hardware-as-a-service – such as PC and laptop rental, managed print services, etc – and will ensure that the lifespan of said hardware are optimized with good support and management. 

  1. Save More with OpEx

Another downside to capital expenditures such as servers, datacentres, computers, printers, etc, is that they will all depreciate in value over time. While capital expenses can be leveraged as tax deductions, they will become less beneficial each year. On the other hand, IT support services are classed as operational expenses. OpEx does not depreciate, businesses can enjoy a consistent tax deduction year by year. The IT support London providers like TechQuarters offer are not the only IT-based operational expenses that businesses can take advantage of, either. There is hardware-as-a-service, cloud hosting, website hosting, managed security, and much more.

  1. Benefit from Technology Partnerships

Professional IT support providers often partner with other technology vendors. For example, TechQuarters is an official Microsoft Solutions Partner, which enables them to provide clients with licensing for Microsoft products. Many IT providers also have hardware vendor partnerships, allowing them to provide clients with computers, mobiles, printers, and more. Not only does this allow businesses to access technology at preferential rates, due to the partnership, but it also gives them the opportunity to try before they buy. Many IT providers offer clients free trials of technology, thus allowing them to try out a technology at no cost, to see if it will benefit them.

  1. Get On-Demand, Ad Hoc Expertise

The field of information technology is very diverse, and for a business to be able to have all the expertise they need for every single area of IT at their disposal, it would require them to spend an inordinate amount hiring staff for their IT department. In general, most businesses hire IT professionals with a general expertise, and may also hire a few specialists if they are in a field that the business is invested in. Companies like TechQuarters may focus on providing IT support financial services companies rely on for their general IT needs, but they will also have expertise in all the fields that they provide services in. What this means is that clients can typically access expertise on-demand, whenever they need it, without having to hire their own expert.