If I Were Charged with Domestic Violence, Here is What I would Do

Domestic violence charges can be very intimidating. It is a sensitive issue, and regardless of whether it is your first offense or not, if proven guilty, you will possibly face jail time or worse. You will also have to pay massive fines and carry your criminal record wherever you go.

With the ongoing protests regarding violence against women, being charged with domestic violence will be a legal nightmare and a significant threat to your reputation and career.

People hardly wait for the court verdicts, and you’ll be labeled an abuser for the rest of your life; it doesn’t matter whether you committed the crime or not.

So, if you have been charged with domestic violence and have no idea what to do, follow our guide and figure out your action plan.

5 Things to Do If Charged with Domestic Violence

While most domestic violence cases are accurate, there have been substantial reports of false allegations. According to validated reports, the number of false allegations in domestic violence cases is between 2 to 6%.

Though the number is small, they exist, which is reason enough for us to believe there are people out there who need support when wrongfully accused of domestic violence. If you’re currently facing domestic violence charges, we understand how this can be an emotionally overwhelming time for you.

So, these are a few things you must do to protect yourself.

  1. Hire a Domestic Violence Lawyer

Sometimes, domestic violence charges can be futile, such as disorderly conduct or breach of peace, so you won’t need a domestic violence attorney to have them dropped.

But if convicted in a domestic violence case, the verdict will have long-term effects on your life and how you move in society and may even affect your career. Plus, you can face annihilation from your friends and family.

So, to ensure your case is handled impeccably, you must consider hiring a domestic violence lawyer. Most domestic violence cases can go on and on for years. A domestic violence lawyer can win the case as quickly as possible and have the charges completely dropped by finding evidence or loopholes in the charges filed.

They will handle the case with sure-shot strength and ensure neither your reputation nor your career bears the consequences of the charges.

  1. Never Violate the Terms of Criminal Orders of Protection

Sit down with your criminal defense attorney and go through the terms of criminal orders of protection. Many defendants facing domestic violence charges sometimes don’t understand the severity of these terms.

For instance, if you have been ordered not to contact the victim, but you do contact them just to have a conversation or to resolve the issue behind closed doors, it can gravely damage your case.

Breaking the terms of criminal orders of protection is not only a felony but also complicates your case, at times beyond repair. In most cases, additional charges are filed against the defendant for intimidation and harassment. So, it would be better to just sit back and not violate these terms even in the slightest.

  1. Be More Careful With Partial Orders of Protection

Some defendants get happy when the court issues partial orders of protection, meaning they are not prohibited from contacting the victim. They can continue their relationship how they deem fit.

But they don’t understand that one has to be even more careful with partial orders. That is because when the court issues criminal orders of protection, the defendant cannot contact the victim in any scenario; if they do, they’ll break the black-and-white terms.

But with partial orders of protection, you are in a gray area, and you don’t know what actions may or may not break the terms of the agreement. So, it would be better not to contact the victim until the case is resolved.

  1. Try Not to Get Arrested in the Meantime

While you’re facing domestic violence charges, try not to get in any more trouble. You have to realize the severity of the charges that you’re facing. Stepping out of line can be catastrophic for you.

The judge and the prosecutor will examine your character through a magnifying glass. So, whilst everyone’s eyes are on you, getting arrested for another crime won’t be a good sign. It will badly affect your case in court. Furthermore, you never know when additional charges could be added to your already severe crime.

Thus, until the case is resolved, be very careful with whatever you do.

  1. Get Mental Health Support

Being arrested for domestic violence charges and going through the court system and legal proceedings can be stressful in more ways than one. You may develop anxiety, or your mental health could be suffering massively, especially if it is a crime you didn’t commit.

So, get help while you can and seek professional mental health support. Talking to a therapist while going through something crucial will change your perspective toward the scenario. You can think clearly without anxiety or depression clouding your judgment.

Hence, if ever there were a time to get therapy, now would be it.

Final Thoughts

Domestic violence charges aren’t something to be taken casually. This is a severe offense; and if convicted, you may end up in prison and have to pay massive fines to the victim. But that’s only if you’re convicted, and you can prevent that from happening by hiring a domestic violence lawyer.

Having an expert lawyer on your side would strengthen your case. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will do everything possible to have the charges dropped before the case goes to trial. And even if it does, they will fight it well and ensure you don’t go to prison.

So, keep these things in mind, stay out of trouble, hire a domestic violence attorney as soon as the charges are filed, and let them take it from there. They will fight the case on your behalf and do everything they can so you can come out of it victorious.