The Best Period Drama Fans of Bridgerton Should Watch

Do you enjoy watching Bridgerton? Are you eagerly anticipating the release of its next season? If you’re feeling impatient, we suggest watching other dramas similar to Bridgerton to help you make the most of your free time. 

As you wait for season 3, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the top TV shows you can watch. You will love our top picks if you are Bridgerton’s fan. Are you a period drama lover?  Grab your popcorn; we will provide you with the list of best period dramas. 

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The Best Historical Dramas Bridgerton’s Fans Should Watch 

Are you looking for recommendations to watch more masterpieces like Bridgerton? Sound interesting. If you crave period dramas, we have compiled a list of the top historical dramas you should check out. As a fan of Bridgerton, you will want to take advantage of these.

Have a look!

The Great (2020) 

The Great is a comedy-drama that perfectly balances humor and drama. Tony McNamara, the creator of The Great, characterizes it as historical fan fiction rather than a typical period drama.

The show has contemporary allusions and unexpected scenes that keep the audience engaged. The series highlights Elle Fanning’s comedic versatility by shifting between frenzied wackiness and intense authenticity. 

Sanditon (2019) 

The Sonditon is about Charlotte Heywood, a lively individual who adapts to a new environment in Sanditon. This story is set in the Regency era and includes tense and emotionally intense events despite the change in setting to a seaside town.

The show Bridgerton portrays a mix of classic romance and sensual content similar to Sanditon. This is why Sanditon is a must-watch if you are a Bridgerton fan. Although different from Jane Austen’s style, Sanditon has been adapted to appeal to a broader audience while retaining the Regency tradition’s elegance.

The Crown (2016) 

Inside contemporary royalty, The Crown offers a perfect dramatization of life. At the same time, it may be a heavier watch than other shows. This award-winning series expertly navigates through politics, scandal, and the evolution of society, making it a must-watch for anyone obsessed with the Royal Family.

The Royal Family is famous on Netflix because it collected 129 awards and 423 nominations for The Crown. The show is impressive, including acting, directing, writing, cinematography, and production. The crown is full of stylish and flashy moments. Every minute is carefully crafted, from the dialogue to the beautifully constructed sets. The Crown truly stands out as one of the best period dramas. 

Downton Abbey (2010)

If you’re looking for an intriguing and captivating story about an aristocratic family, watch Downton Abbey. This show is packed with romance, intrigue, and the constant struggle between tradition and change.

Notable changes in society during the early 1900s compelled traditionalists to confront the influence of modernization. The TV series depicts the scandalous existence of the Downton Abbey estate, tracking the wealthy aristocratic Crawley family and the cunning behavior of their staff.

The Pursuit of Love (2021) 

The Pursuit of Love is a romance drama like Bridgerton. The story was about Linda (James) and her cousin and their friendship.  Through their life and companies, they seek different things. Linda aims to find the perfect guy for her and to settle down, but this is more challenging than she thinks. 

This drama consists of three episodes, and it’s exciting to watch. The show is highly praised, with mixed reviews for James’ performance. If you are a person who likes romantic dramas, The Pursuit of Love is one of the best shows like Bridgerton you can watch.

Outlander (2014) 

Like Brigerton, Outlander is a series of historical romances from the 20th century to the 19th century. Claire Randall shares her time-traveling journey in this drama. 

The Outlander is full of romance, history, fantasy, and more. Are you a historical fiction lover?  Or if you want something similar to a watch, like Brigerton, we advise you to watch Outlander. 

Wrapping Up 

Bridgerton is a popular one, but there are many shows like it you should consider watching it. You can enjoy these lovely shows on Netflix and different streaming apps. However, choosing the right app can be a challenge for you. 

Are you a period drama fan? Go through our best-period drama series and enjoy watching these with your friends and family. These dramas will surely help you enjoy your leisure time. 

Are you still thinking about what to watch other than Bridgerton? Start watching our recommended shows and satisfy your craving for period dramas.