Why is a Carnation Lipstick Quite Unlike All Other Lipsticks?

A hint of color can uplift your look in an instant. Whether it is lipstick or kohl, or even a blusher, it will be enough to give you a picture-perfect look when used correctly. One such versatile item is lipstick. Especially a soft shade like carnation is the perfect choice to brighten your day without looking over the top. But how do you style lipstick shades perfectly?

Here we have shared tips to choose the perfect shade of carnation and styling tips for daily wear. Here’s how you can make your everyday look extraordinary by choosing the perfect lipstick shade.

What is carnation shade?

We have all heard of carnation flowers. They have a pink hue that is slightly muted and yet looks very bright. The same is true for this shade of lipstick too. It is a peach-pink color that looks exceptional on fair to medium skin. 

There are variations of the shade which would even suit duskier skin colors. The color is slightly muted, and as a result, it is the perfect pinkish-nude shade for certain skin tones. You can even glam up the carnation lipstick with the right makeup and style it perfectly for a more elegant look.

Why choose carnation shades for lipsticks?

With such wide varieties of pinks, nudes, and browns available today, you may wonder what sets apart a carnation shade. Here are some reasons why it would be the perfect choice when you look for a muted pink shade for daily wear:

  1. It is universally flattering

Everyone has a pink in their stash of lipstick but still looks for that one perfect shade. This lipstick is flattering for almost every skin tone, making it a universal choice. The shade brightens the complexion and yet looks very natural.

  1. It is the perfect pink

There are hundreds of pinks. Some are two bluish, while others have purple or reddish undertones. Or some are very bright and almost fluorescent. The carnation lipstick has the right balance of peach, pink, and brown.

We thus highly recommend Mamaearth Carnation Nude Lipstick, which is designed keeping Indian skin tones in mind. It is a very flattering shade that works for everyone. Moreover, all its lip care, haircare, and skincare products are made from superior ingredients that are not harmful.

  1. It is a versatile shade

The peachy pink shade is flattering and suits every look you create. Whether it is modern and minimalist daily makeup or a gorgeous ethnic look- the shade is perfect for all. The best part is that it can complement various outfit colors and would not clash with them. Moreover, most carnation shade has a warm undertone, and as a result, it is very suitable for Indian skin tones.

  1. It makes teeth look whiter

The warm undertone and peachy pink color brighten your smile. It makes your teeth appear whiter. As a result, if you have slightly yellow teeth and feel insecure about them, this lipstick can come to your rescue.

Tips for using carnation lipstick in your daily makeup

Using this lipstick correctly in your daily makeup routine is simple enough. All you need is understanding the right colors to pay with the lipstick. You can easily use the shade as a blusher, too, so you would not have to look for a complementing blush. Other than that, an earthy-toned peach or brown would complement this lipstick best.

Suppose you love colored eyeliners. So you should pair your shades like jade, turquoise, and even amethyst with this lipstick. First, moisturize your face, apply the lipstick, and use it as a blusher. Next, use brown or black kohl in your waterline and finish the look with an abundance of mascara.

Note: An easy hack to finish your daily makeup with minimal products is using a little ginger oil on your hair and making it sleek.

We highly recommend using Mamaearth Tea Tree Hair Oil With Ginger Oil for ginger oil as it is lightweight and non-sticky. In addition, all the products are dermatologically tested, so you can safely use them. Alongside, this hair oil is excellent for treating dandruff and soothing an itchy scalp.

How to choose the perfect carnation-type lipstick?

There are many variations of carnation-type lipstick. Some may be true carnation shades while others are peachier or brighter- yet all are recognized as carnation. So how do you determine the best shade, then? 

Well, here are some tips for choosing the right lipstick based on your skin tone:

  1. Check on the bare face

The best way to test a lipstick shade is when you do not have any makeup. Apply the lipstick to either of your lips and see how it looks against your bare face. A lipstick that makes your makeup-free face look brighter would be a great choice.

  1. Check your skin undertone

You may have a cool, warm, or neutral undertone. The easiest way to understand the undertone is by holding your arm against a white towel or cloth. First, check the internal veins in natural light.

If the veins look greenish, you have a warm undertone. If the veins appear bluish, you have a cool undertone. You will likely have a neutral undertone if it’s tough to determine whether it’s green or blue.

Choosing a lipstick that compliments your skin’s undertone is always better.

  1. Consider ingredients and brands

The lips are more delicate than any part of your body. The skin is much thinner here. Hence, choose lipstick from a reputed brand that will not darken your lips and has quality ingredients. Natural ingredients are always a better choice when you are choosing makeup.

Mamaearth Carnation Nude Lipstick


If you choose the right shade, you will not need more than lipstick for your daily look. A carnation lipstick is a perfect choice for most skin types. Mamaearth has some of the best skincare and hair care products and cosmetics to choose from. All of them are approved by FDA and Made Safe

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